Twinsburg is a truly unique and beautiful place to live, raise a family, and do business. Our community consistently ranks amongst the best in Northeast Ohio because it offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city progress.



My mission as Mayor is to ensure our city government continues to provide the high-quality services and amenities that Twinsburg residents deserve and depend upon; enabling the community to realize the best possible standard of living through cost-effective governance.



My vision for Twinsburg is to create a culture of fiscal responsibility within city hall, so we can protect and maintain our current services while we continue to plan for the growth of our city’s population and the expansion of our city’s businesses.




As mayor I will make sure that I adhere to the following values, and I will require that all city officials and employees do the same:


  • Resident-Focused Service: We must always remember that the needs and concerns of Twinsburg residents come first, and we must create opportunities to interact with residents that focus on listening to their thoughts and ideas

  • Transparency: We must promote openness and accountability in our operations, and we must hold ourselves and one another responsible for our actions at all times

  • Integrity: We must always keep in mind that whether we are at home or on the job we are representing our city and its residents at all times, therefore we must conduct ourselves in a manner that is ethical, legal, and professional, with the utmost importance being placed on honesty, respect, and fairness

  • Innovation: We must always look for and embrace new ways of conducting city business, and we must acknowledge that developing creative solutions and best practices that enhance the value of services provided to our residents is our responsibility as their representatives

  • Stewardship: We must always act responsibly when utilizing the residents’ financial, environmental, and physical resources, ensuring that we conserve enough to provide for current and future generations

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