Since being elected to Twinsburg city council in 2015, I have been approached many times by residents and business owners about the issues they feel are most important to our community. Through these conversations I have learned a great deal about the needs and concerns of the people who live, work, and conduct business in Twinsburg.

When I am elected mayor I will use the feedback I have received from residents as well as the experience I have gained during my 35 years of public service to address the issues that are most important to the citizens of Twinsburg.


Twinsburg residents have the right to know that their tax dollars are being managed and utilized effectively.


Per our city charter, the mayor is responsible for overseeing the city’s annual budget. If the mayor cannot balance the budget, and the city's general fund is continually drained, then every service your city government provides for you - police protection, fire and emergency services, recreational programs, senior programs, our fitness center, our golf course, trash collection, branch collection, snow removal, and more – can be negatively impacted.

Our residents deserve, expect, and pay for first-class services. That is why I plan to take the following measures to balance the city’s budget:

  • I will end Mayor Yates’s pattern of deficit spending:

    • Since Mayor Yates took office in 2015, Twinsburg has never had a balanced budget; we have always spent more than we have brought in

    • The mayor’s inability to curb spending will result in a $15 million decrease to the general fund in just four years (from $19.8 million when he took office to a projected $4.7 million at the close of the 2019 fiscal year)

    • When I am elected mayor I will reverse the pattern of deficit spending by holding all city employees responsible for identifying and eliminating wasteful expenses

  • I will address the financial dilemma at Glen Eagles Golf Club:

    • Mayor Yates pushed for the construction of the new club house, banquet hall, and restaurant at Glen Eagles Golf Club, even though he knew the city was already spending more money than it was bringing in

      • In addition to borrowing $6.2 million that taxpayers must repay with interest, the mayor has also used approximately $3 million from the general fund to subsidize the overages and operations of these new facilities (bringing the total cost of this project to over $9 million)

      • The mayor's overzealous approach to this project has resulted in two city-owned facilities that are losing money every month, have never generated a profit, and have not even come close to breaking even

    • When I am elected mayor I will address the financial predicament at Glen Eagles Golf Club by applying the proceeds from the sale of any city-owned land to the balance of the $6.2 million the mayor borrowed, which will

      • Save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest

      • Give these new facilities the best possible opportunity for success by lessening the pressure on their profit margins



Many Twinsburg residents have told me they do not feel like they have a say in what happens in this city. There are many people who don’t bother interacting with city officials, because they don’t believe their concerns will be prioritized over the agenda of the mayor and city council.

This dynamic between residents and city leadership must change immediately. When I am mayor I will hold everyone in city hall accountable for making sure that each person who lives, works, or conducts business in this city feels like they have a voice, and that they don’t have to shout for it to be heard.

My proposal to restore resident-focused service within city government includes the following items:

  • I will require all city officials (including myself) to:

    • Hold periodic office hours during the evening and on the weekends, so residents can connect with city leaders during times that are more convenient for them

    • Visit Twinsburg’s senior center on at least a quarterly basis for listening and engagement sessions, so our seniors never feel excluded from participating in the city’s decision-making process

  • A task force comprised of city leaders, business owners, and residents will be created to assist our city’s IT department with the following responsibilities:

    • Revising the city’s website so information and resources are easy to find and up to date

    • Increasing transparency by posting city council meeting agendas to the city’s website and social media platforms prior to each meeting

    • Creating concise, easily understandable summaries of city council meetings that will be shared via the city’s website, social media platforms, and e-newsletter, so residents can get a full recap of what was proposed, discussed, and voted on at each meeting

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